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Diagnosis of Autism

Diagnosis of autism is simple. The parents are required to deal the situation with patience. If you find laziness, absenteeism or child being less social then you must take an autism assessment test with a doctor.

The unattentive attitude & less social active life of your child are a cause of worry. You are advised not to neglect these symptoms.

Ignorance to these points can hamper the life of the patient. The parents must include fresh fruits & green leafy vegetables in the diet of the young ones. This completes the nutrient value necessary for the kids of different age group.

Autism Assessment Test Assist In

  • Timely diagnosis increase the rate of better future
  • Schools offer autism support system to the child. This system helps them learn & grow just like any other normal kid.
  • Extra care of the child will be taken care through autism programs & events.
  • Parents will understand how to deal with the child.
  • The child will become socially active when getting in touch with other children like him/her.

Do Self Autism Detection Test

Check the growth of child’s brain & comparison with other kids of same age.

Notice change in the behavior of kids particularly after two years of age.

Recall & review the development cycle of the child from the birth time.

Must Check with the Doctor

Consult pediatrician in the case of doubt about child’s growth & development.

Ensure regular checkup of the child regarding vaccination.

Intensive care & affection heal the disease in a speedy way.

Guidance of an Expert

  • DSM – 5 is the criteria fixed for the diagnosis of autism in the country.
  • The method of diagnosis for the disease is likely to vary from state to state.
  • Take the opinion of minimum two experts. The law suggests an examination of the child by a panel of experts, whereas few states rule a single expert diagnosis for the disease.
  • You can also contact the Autism Association office in the state.

Be comfortable with Assessment Test

  • Expert questions about the family history & the development history of the child.
  • Both parents & child must answer the questions and let the medical expert know the exact details.
  • Questioning about social & learning disorder is a part of Autism Diagnostic Interview.
  • Autism Diagnostic Observation Tool (ADST) is a playful task incepted to learn about the child’s behavior. Kids aging between 12 months – 2 years are diagnosed with the playful method.
  • Young children are popped with IQ questions & several general knowledge based questions.

Medical Examination Assist Better



Hearing Test

Vision Test

Blood Test

Sugar Test

Immunity Test

Communication Skill Assessment

  • A speech consultant will assess child’s response time to verbal conversations.
  • The expert analyzes reaction time & manner during talk & gestures made to him/her.
  • Test language skill such as reading, writing & identifying.

Don’t Get Stressed, Accept the Situation

The result of autism assessment test comes as a shocker to the parents. But, we recommend you to stand strong in this situation. The children usually get anxious about sudden change in the parent’s behavior. Take the identification of autism at a young age as a blessing. You must not forget that, early discovery of the disease open ways for better medication.

Make the child understand the positive side of life. Arrange activity filled week for the kid. Such as a visit to cousins, family picnic, surprise party with friends & playful ways of learning. This is the time when the child needs special extra care, love & affection.

Medication from a specialist assures you of special care & huge improvement with the passage of time. The diagnosis process helps the child learn new way of living. Also, the child finds him/her more confidant and social. The social events arranged by the Autism Prevention Australia bring patients from all sections of the society together.

Detention of autism in your child won’t make him/her less capable of anything. Motive the patient to learn a new thing, to make friends. Inspire them to outperform others in sports or art activities. Boost the kid to live a better and fulfilled life.

Create Awareness on Autism

Be a light to thousands of family who hesitate to let the world know about the problem they are suffering from. Families facing autism disease in children try to avoid public gathering, social events, and functions. Sometimes, the parents feel low on confidence when it comes to making a public appearance with their ward.

Take a step further with Autism Prevention Australia and make the planet a safe world for autism patients.

A cautionary note regarding social media

Parents active on the social media must understand the difference between sharing the cause of the disease and keeping the child’s suffering confined to themselves. Creating awareness won’t mean disclosure of your child’s struggle with the disease.

Telling your child that they are on the autism spectrum

Child psychology is best known by mothers. Thus, this is the responsibility of a mother to make their child understand the problem. Never demoralise the ward, if he/she is attempting something new. Motivate child to pursue activity he/she is interested in.

Disclosing diagnosis to school and medical professionals

Update the school authorities about the disease of the child. This helps the teachers & friends to pay attention & care towards your kid. The authorities & medical practitioner assist you to receive entitlements suggested under the laws.

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