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Different therapies are performed to cure the disease. Children suffering from autism in the different age group are deal with the following therapies:

Early Intervention

Track of the disease at a young age, increase the possibility of beneficial medication. The medicines & therapy boost the development of body & brain.

Therapy Program

Doctors offer various types of therapies according to the requirement and age of the patient.

Attend Social Events for Autistics

Gathering at social events boost the confidence level of the child. Also, it makes them more social & friendly.

Tracking of Behavioral Changes

If you trace absenteeism, dullness or laziness in the kid, then it’s time to call the doctor.

Slow Development of Brain

Compare the brain & physical growth of your child with other kids of the same age. Consult the doctor if you feel that the child is underdeveloped.

Therapy to Heal Genetic Disorder

Genetic disorder stops the nerve cell to function smoothly. Several therapies help patients in the proper functioning of the nerve cells.

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